Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bead Journal March

March's Bead Journal Project isn't coming together. It is just a mess. I tore out the one below because it had no balance to it.
I tore out the one below because the water didn't have a good flow to it. If I still can't get anything going, I am going to put it aside for a while and work on a painting or making some polymer clay beads.
Sometimes it just comes so easily and other times, it is like pulling teeth. Can't swim against the current though, it's too exhausting. I think I need to get out my sketchbook, doodle, think positive and trust that it will come.


Kathy said...

Hey, at least it's only March 4th, right? I thought this one was lovely, but you're the artiste in charge. When I have creative block, I almost have to purposefully leave everything creative behind for a while. It isn't until it truly becomes embedded in the subconscious that I can find a conscious inspiration again. Almost like I have to release all of the pressure I put on myself before I can have any release... hmm... That sounds too smart to be me. LoL. But thanks for your post. I've never put that feeling into words before. ^_^

JoTee said...

I love the direction that you are going with the flow of your beads, looks like a waterfall...thanks for sharing.