Monday, March 8, 2010

Here's To Sweetness and Luck!

My no-calorie polymer candies and a Hallmark pin I have had since 1979.
I was reading some of the "discussions" from Synergy II (on Crafthaus) and one result seemed to be general consensus to drop "clay" from "polymer clay" and from here forward refer to it as "polymer". I like that very much and am all for it, hence the above reference to my polymer candies.
I have a small collection (gee, what a surprise) of old four leaf clover jewelry. Today I tried making some molds of them and will add some paint to them tomorrow and maybe carve a little here and there.
I've got our local art fair coming up on the 20th. I'm short on paintings and need to work on those this week. I need to finish all my polymer pieces and price them. But, oh how lucky I am and how sweet it is to have this time to create and feel "here" in the moment.


miramecreations said...

Your treats look good enough to eat! The forums on Crafthaus are pretty good...and the pictures of the conference pretty amazing. I like all the sharing that goes on in this site. I have learned a few things from it already!

miramecreations said...

Oh,forgot...have you set a store yet on Crafthaus? I haven't busy getting things ready for my demo coming up. I don't know...some of the work in Crafthaus is phenomenal.

Kathy said...

I love the candy and can't wait to see what you do with the clover jewelry. And I have to check out Crafthaus now! I haven't ever heard of it!

Melobeau said...

Wonderful non-calorie chocolates. Yum. I will go to check out Crafthaus. I am new to your site and look forward to reading more back posts and also seeing where you go with your 4 leaf clover jewellery.