Monday, March 22, 2010

My 200th Post-Texture Swap

I chaired the texture swap for this month at our polymer guild (Arizona Polymer Clay Guild) located in Sun Lakes, Arizona.
They are business card size--easy to store and use. Starting on the left (above) is a texture made from a miniature jello mold and bead spacers, the blue is a "bookplate" texture stamp by Judikins 2004, the brown is taken from a metal jewelry box lid, and the far right is an original "Zen-Noodle".
Far left turquoise texture is made from a plastic canvas, the white from crinkled paper, the dark blue bubbly texture is from a pipette plastic holder, the dark brown from wire mesh, the light blue from mesh and the olive green texture is from handmade paper.
Above are the textures I submitted. Top row: plastic mesh, tiny beads, an embellished texture plate, a pebble texture plate. Second row from left: a fern, an Egyptian texture plate, a bubble plate I made, drill bits. Third row middle: more drill bits, a texture plate I drew on. Fourth row from left: a texture plate I drew on, an antique wooden fabric block I carved with a lino cutter and the last one is a texture plate I drew on and embellished with tiny pin marks.
Above is the print out included with Pat Sernyk's Zen-Noodle. She was doing Zentangles long before they had a name. You can find Pat's blog here. The texture plate that came from the metal lid of the jewelry box is from Lupe whose blog is Mirame Creations. Yay for the 200th post!


surfingcat said...

Congratulations on making 200 posts! What a commited blogger your are!

Thanks for sharing those texture sheets. I have been planning on making some so that was the perfect inspiration. Off to scout round the house to see what I have..

Pat Sernyk said...

Hey Marlene,
Thanks for organizing the texture swap. I had fun doing mine and also loved getting all the others from the guild members. Swaps are such a learning experience, especially for those of us who have been working in the medium for some time. Like when I am teaching beginners, there is always something new to learn.
Glad your Art Sale was such a success...sure missed you at the meeting.